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Building world is the largest experience centre in Europe for the building & construction sector both for professional builders that want to be on top of sector innovation & who are aiming for a high and centralized sales platform and private builders who are looking for a centralized place to choose, experience and order their materials in a pleasant way that is different from temporary and expensive trade fairs.

The construction & building industry is faced with a new challenge in a very competitive market.
Innovations are being produced more and more rapidly and need to find their way to the market through efficient and effective distribution channels. Customers, both professional and private, want to be informed about innovations, materials and solutions for their building projects. We are living in an experience economy where people are looking for a one stop shopping experience and tangible information.

The building industry is probably the last industry to professionalize its distribution, marketing and sales processes. For all those reasons, we created Building World! In Building World companies, suppliers and stakeholders have a continuous platform to inform, promote and sell their products, services and solutions. This experience centre brings together business and recreation in a green and accessible environment in the heart of the Euregion.

Over more than 10 years, we have elaborated, tested and refined this concept and I am proud to present it to you in the name of all the partners that participated:

BUILDING strong sales in a WORLD of experience